A Story for You

Dear friends, family, all the students at IQUIM, I want to share a little story with you. In 2007, I was diagnose with RA. Since my father is a Medical Doctor, the immediate decision was to treat the symptoms and pain with medicine. Took medicine for more than 6 months, obviously the reaction was severe, and almost die with the secondary effects of the medicines on my white blood count.

Since I am from Lima Peru and grow up with grandma remedies, herbs from the Incas and different types of natural approaches, felt that I needed something else than conventional treatment. God through the Universe send my first angel, a Medical Doctor from Bulgaria, living in Lima Peru. She used to be a nurse, and then become an Internal Medicine MD. After 20 years of clinical work, she decided to put all her energy and turn herself to be a 100% Quantum Doctor. Now, I know why.

Start the changes with her, control the pain, swollen, inflammation and got my first remission in 2009. Take blood tests for RA almost every six months, with same results, high numbers. With interest in “that medicine” more and more, study at an Institute of Integral Medicine from Mexico. Learning so many things, but obviously, my place is here in US for twenty years now. My home is here.

In 2010, search online and the first thing that came out was International Quantum University, I remember that it was the previous website, caught my attention and really resonate me. The idea of being healthy fascinated me. Knew and believed with my heart that healing exist, but I had to found it. The journey continues. Joint the University and finish the classes pretty soon, wanted to “devour” the books, watch the videos twice, spend sometimes 12 hours studying, eager “to find”.

Some of you meet me at the congress in 2011, when receive my Bachelor diploma and was translating to Dr. Sanchez in the very back of the salon.  At that moment, my second angel appear.  I Was not quite sure if he was an angel at that point, but I realize then, that angels come in different wraps, sometimes bald, but the heart and vision is here within all of us. “Yes Dr Paul, I am sorry for calling you a bald angel”.

Continue studies, in 2012, I went to Lima Peru again, begin in contact with nature but also to give back to the world what was receiving, so thankful to have the opportunity of being studying, and feeling better and better. Work in Lima, doing research of my ancients’ roots, Incas, Shamans, Nature, but also applying the knowledge from the University to help people that could not afford any medicine. Sorry that I could not be at the 2012 congress.

Well in January of this year 2013, after more that six years of having positives results in my lab tests, I receive my first cero, negative, “nada”, as if I would never had RA before. My father begs me to stay in Peru and help other people to cure the disease, but I followed my heart that says: “You still have some things to do in US”.

Back home and feeing great, the reason that did not write to you before (in January, and Alexi ask me do it), is because I though that the results were a mistake. I fear like everybody else, and wanted to wait a little bit to prove myself that Yes! God is our Doctor, Love is our Medicine, and Angels show us the path, and I did it! We can do it, We can make the difference!

I want to share with you my story and also, that, yes! We can make it, we can achieve not only the healing but the positive health that we all search, with Love!

Awareness comes from God, journey is within us, sharing it with others through Love, but knowledge is our most powerful tool.

Patricia Tello


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